Student Work Showcase

L204 Student Work


Monsters of Society

“The illustrations I have created promote Rhys’ argument that women who deny their traditional gender role are monstrosities to society.”

 garciaIllustration (1)


“The broken bottle half in her hand serves as her weapon and drips with red wine; this depiction alone is a threat, a complete statement of rebellion since she has chosen to arm herself against her own husband.”

garciaIllustration (5)


         “The illustration of Antoinette standing nude covered in thorny roses represents the extremities and loss of control over her emotions. Being completely unclothed other than by roses growing on her skin stresses her vulnerability in her situation, which promotes the idea of women needing extra protection. It also emphasizes the state of her sexuality; this is where roses come in, which represent her excessive sexual desires and emotion. The roses entangle her suggesting that she has not control of them and that they dominate her being.”

garciaIllustration (6)


“This entire piece is a play-off of Frankenstein’s monster that was created only to be feared and ostracized by all humanity. Like that monster, the role of femininity which Antoinette is expected to follow was created by society. The sewn swatches emphasize that it is not Antoinette’s natural skin but that which is formed by someone else, which is society in this case.”




External and Internal Realities

“I created a series of illustrations that promote Bronte’s message that external appearance is not an accurate representation of internal reality.”

forest“Though my illustration of nature in Jane Eyre in some ways contradicts Bronte’s use of pathetic fallacy, it emphasizes the contrast between Jane’s internal drive and the external forces of nature working against her in trying times.”



“My illustration of Thornfield promotes Bronte’s idea that external precision and excellence is not always indicative of a similar internal control and exactitude.”


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